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If the Actors’ Strike or Writers’ Strike have impacted your finances, Vancity Credit Union can help.

Vancity is a member-owned cooperative that believes strongly in the positive role trade unions play in our community and economy. For over 76 years, Vancity has stood shoulder to shoulder with the labour movement, and they are proud of their history of shared values. They have always believed in the rights of workers to fair pay and decent working conditions, which is why they are a founding partner of the Living Wage Campaign in BC, and take pride in being one of Canada’s largest private sector Living Wage employers.

They have long provided supports to Vancity Members who are impacted by labour disputes. If a member is impacted by a labour strike or lockout, Vancity has a range of ways to help support union members through a financially challenging time.

The services and supports they can offer vary depending on each individual’s particular circumstances and can be tailored to individual needs. The types of assistance range from providing loan consolidation to reduce monthly payments, opening or extending lines of credit or personal loans, to temporary deferrals on interest or payments on loans or mortgages.

To discuss what types of supports may best suit your financial situation, you can call Vancity at their Member Services Centre, or visit one of their branches.

Vancity Member Services Centre

Vancouver local calling area: 604-877-7000

Greater Victoria local calling area: 250-519-7000

Toll-free: 1-888-VANCITY (1-888-826-2489)

If you are not a member of Vancity, you are welcome to visit a branch or call the Member Services Centre, to find out how to join Vancity.

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