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By now I am sure you are aware that as of 12:01 am March 11, 2022 the Province has lifted mask requirements for indoor public spaces and intends to lift further restrictions, including proof of vaccination to access businesses, events, and services on April 8 at 12:01 am.

Masks and proof of vaccination are still required for federally regulated travel (e.g. air travel).

The relaxing of the mask requirements by the provincial government does not prevent your employer from continuing to require masks at their place of business. Individual businesses can choose to continue to require proof of vaccination for entry as well.

By following their obligation to provide a safe workplace for their employees, the productions are asserting that any changes to protocols at the workplace must be consistent with the Return To Work (RTW) Agreement and local law. The RTW was initially developed by a coalition of Unions and Guilds as requested by the actors and performers that are members of a fellow labour organization.

On April 8, businesses will no longer need a COVID-19 safety plan. They must follow communicable disease guidance.

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