Netflix Emergency Support for Workers

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To our producers, cast and crews,

The Covid-19 crisis has been devastating to our industry, leaving tens of thousands of production workers around the world without jobs. You have supported Netflix through the good times, and we want to help you as best we can through these hard times, especially while governments are figuring out what economic support they can provide.

When we paused Netflix production we decided to continue paying cast and crew during the first two weeks. But that deadline is fast approaching.  So we’ve created a $100 million fund to help with hardship in the creative community caused by the coronavirus.

Most of the fund will go towards relief for the hardest hit workers on our owned productions. We’re in the process of working out exactly who gets what support, production by production. This is in addition to what we have committed to pay over the first two weeks to the 10,000 cast and crew on productions we were forced to pause.

As part of the fund, we will donate $15 million to nonprofits that provide emergency relief to workers in the broader film and television industry in the countries where we have a large production base. In the United States and Canada non-profits already exist to do this work. So we will be donating $1 million each to the SAG-AFTRA Covid-19 Disaster Fund, the Motion Picture and Television Fund and the Actors Fund Emergency Assistance in the US, and $500,000 each to the Actor’s Fund Canada and Fondation des Artistes. In other regions, including Europe, Latin America and Asia where we have a big production presence, we are working with existing industry organizations to create similar creative community emergency relief efforts. We will announce the details of donations to groups in other countries next week.

What’s happening is unprecedented. We’re very fortunate at Netflix, thanks to all your contributions, that we’re able to support the hardest hit in our community.

For questions about this fund, you may reach out to your Production HR rep.

Ty Warren, VP Physical Production 


Netflix Emergency Support for Workers
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