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October 2023

We’re putting a temporary pause on accepting new applications for our Emergency Financial Aid Program. We’ve received hundreds of applications in the last few months and need to take some time to process them before we accept new applications again.

Since the strikes began in May 2023, we’ve received over 1,500 applications for emergency financial aid – almost triple the number of applications we would normally receive in an entire year! To date, we have funded over 800 applications and have approved $1.7 million in strike assistance.

We have pulled in additional resources to respond to the crisis that has affected thousands of Canadian film workers, and we are proud to have been there to help so many see their way through a dark time.

While the intake of new applications is on pause, we are not stopping or even slowing down our work at all. Our team is working diligently every day to resolve and fund the hundreds of applications that are currently awaiting review.

Rest assured, this is just a temporary pause in applications intake. As we power through reviewing existing applications, we continue offering valuable workshops and events. You can read about what’s coming up in this newsletter. We encourage industry members to lean on their peers for support at our Designated Sharing Time peer group. The Everyday Help section on our website provides additional tips and resources, and limited Navigator appointments are available for those looking for mental health information and resources.

This is a temporary and evolving situation, and we will share any updates in the next newsletter. In the meantime, could you give us a follow on social media? We post helpful and engaging content about all facets of our work every day!

We value your understanding, patience, and kindness as we work to help our community members during these difficult days.

The AFC Newsletter
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