Return to Work: Re: Suspension of Union Dues

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Earlier this year the Executive Board unanimously approved a “temporary suspension of Union Dues,” which, effective September 1, 2020, will no longer be in effect. A significant number of Members are working, and all eligible credits will be applied. Important notes were released in July regarding this decision, and are repeated below:

Please note:

  • If you are planning to run in the Local 155 Officer Elections, or as a Delegate or Alternate in the IBT Election, you must continue to pay Union Dues and not have a break in your Dues for 24 consecutive months.
  • If you have paid your monthly membership dues in advance and do not want to run in the elections named above, the number of months paid while not working during the Covid-19 shutdown will be credited forward and your dues paid-through date will be adjusted
  • If you have been working you must pay the $20 Dues for that month. The “temporary suspension of Union Dues” would not apply to you, as per our Bylaws and the International Constitution
  • All applicable dues adjustments will be credited forward from April 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020, a maximum of 5 months

Important: Regarding Applicable Credit(s):

  1. Credit(s) apply if the Member did not work in the month the dues suspension was in effect
  2. The Member must be paid up for March 2020
  3. The Member must indicate to the Local in writing if you do not wish for your credit(s) to be applied. Please email: by Friday, September 4.

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones well.


Return to Work: Re: Suspension of Union Dues
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